Thursday, September 26, 2013

Singapore girl, 17, confesses to selling body for cash to party

This news really caught my attention and i'm sad that our society has become like that. Young people are willing to do anything to get the money they want. This young girl sells her body for cash to buy alcohol and the things she want. Has our society become one which focus on material things only? 

Recently, there has been court cases of men who were being charged because they had underage commercial sex with a minor. Most of the time the girl is a willing party. They just want the money. 

For this particular news, the reporter posed as a potential customer in online chat rooms and met up with the 17 year old girl. After which, they conducted a closed door behind the scenes interview with her in which she opened up and told the reporter about her life. Some things caught my attention. 

Firstly, the girl comes from a poor family. Her parents worked as cleaners and only earn $1200 a month. This was quoted from the interview from the news: 
"My parents earn only about $1,200 each and they rarely give me any extra cash to buy clothes or whatever else I need," she said. "It can be frustrating to not have money. I am young and I want to have fun." 
Secondly, she has an expensive lifestyle. She needs the money for parties and she said she spends $200 each time she parties. Is it the parents fault that they did not teach her properly or its the society fault that influenced young people to be like that? Some kids grow up well while others grow up waywardly. I will not comment further on this.

Thirdly, the reporter said she is not the only girl who's doing that. They chanced upon a few other girls in their early 20s who are doing the same thing for money also. This is becoming a lot more common now. It's all about the money.

This is certainly a news that sets me thinking. I guess this post has little to do with finance but more to do with values and spending habits. Having money and achieving financial freedom is important but don't forget about life values. It will be good if we can balance both.

Read the full news here

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  1. Hi Uncle CW,

    Interesting article! Even monkeys will do anything for money. But aren't humans suppose to be smarter than monkeys? :p