Sunday, September 15, 2013

The dangers of over leveraging on debt

This post is inspired by comments from my previous post on Recession Heroes Ep 5 - Resilience during tough times. Too many people have too much debts causing problems for them and their families when they lose their jobs. Housing debts are one of the major debts among young people in our current generation now. When buying a house, remember to plan ahead and do not over commit. A general guideline is not to use more than 30-35% of your monthly income to pay for housing loans. However, different people have different circumstances. You will know your situation yourself. Plan accordingly.

MAS has reported that statistics show rising household debts in Singapore is worrying. Measures have been put in place the past few months and is still ongoing currently.

National development minister Khaw Boon Wan has also spoke regarding the future spikes in interest rates.

Mr Khaw said: "They assume two things. Property prices will keep going (up). Two, interest rates will keep on remaining low. Both are wrong and therefore one day, both will collapse on them. So, if you are over-committed, let's say you can only afford a 3-room flat, (but) you decide to buy five room flat. Yes, based on today's interest rates you can afford a five-room flat. But, when interest rates go up as it will, you will no longer be able to afford a five-room flat and what will happen, your bank will start calling you up to please top up or sell your flat and that's when trouble starts."
In addition, Mr Khaw said the high property prices will not last in the long run.
At the same time, he acknowledged he cannot be certain when and how much prices will come down.
He added: "Only when you can get enough buyers who can afford, will prices stay up, if not they will come down. Today because of low interest rates, this bubble is being pushed up and sustained longer than it should have. So, it will collapse in a matter of time and therefore do not think that prices will keep on going up."
~ Quoted from Channel News Asia 

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