Friday, September 6, 2013

Recession Heroes Ep 4 - Got retrenched at a young age of 23 but still full of passion in life

This episode really encourages and motivates me. The guy in this story is Ken Chee. I've saw his name somewhere before and i thought his face looks really familiar. The i realised he's the one who started a company called 8 investment. His company runs the millionaire investor program in Singapore and it teaches value investing. I've never attended the program so i'm in no way related to it and this is not an advertisement for the program.

Back to this person. I thought he looked and sounded really humble and i felt he's someone who's willing to help others. He grew up in a poor family as his father lost a lot of money in the stock market. His grandma had to come out from a semi retirement state and go back to work just to support the family. He started working at a very young age as his dad could not give him much allowance. When he graduated, he got a job in an IT company but during the Dot Com bubble crash, he was fired at a young age of 23. This woke him up to the reality of life. You can watch this episode here. The story is really heartening.

What caught me was this is another story of someone losing lots of money in the stock market. The financial loss not only impacted one person but the whole family. Its really saddening to hear that. People would say that stocks are dangerous and do not dabble in stocks because you can burn your fingers and lose a lot of money. This is true. I've heard many cases of it and even have friends who experienced it. They are as young as me. Many are much older than me with family to support.

On the other extreme, there are people who know that stocks are risky and never invest in stocks at all. The problem is they are also struggling in their finances. I realised many people have poor financial management and poor saving habits. Indeed, without knowledge and good habits, people struggle in life.

The purpose of setting up my blog is to educate readers on how to properly manage their money and also learn the proper way to invest. I hope i can do my part in this society and make it a better place. It is saddening to keep hearing stories of how people suffer in life just because they were taught the wrong financial habits or because of the lack of knowledge in investment. Many times its due to greed where people wants to get rich quick. Getting rich quick has nothing to do with financial freedom. Financial freedom is not about money. It is about the ability to choose what we want to do in life without having to worry about money.

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  1. totally agree ! financial freedom is not about having a lot of money or being rich. it is the ability to free yourself from money problems by being more savvy when it comes to handling money.

  2. Hi Alex,

    You got it! At often times, it is always the greed that destroys a person's life. Knowledge helps us to see life better and manage our life better.

  3. I just saw this episode! Love his story and the person that he is. Another role model to look up to:)

  4. Hi Pok Chow,

    Definitely a young and passionate person. So far the stories featured all are really good. I think next week will be the last story featured. Only 6 episodes. Hope they have more of these shows in the future.